1. Introduction:

1.1. This privacy policy has been written to highlight our commitment to our visitors’ privacy. The following explains the ways in which information collected by quranictreatmentbd.com is used.

1.2.  quranictreatmentbd.com collects visitors’ personal information in two ways:

a. Automatic collection of information by the hosting web server, as with all Internet sites

b. The registration information is provided voluntarily by visitors through forms on the website, such as “Register”, “Mailing list”, “Contact us”, etc.

2. Automatically Collected Information:

2.1 The Internet web server automatically records some visitors’ information. These include the time and date of the visit, the IP of the visitor, the name of the Internet browser, the operating system, the URL of the referring page, etc.

2.2. This information enables us to improve the site content to suit the needs of our visitors and to protect the website from hacking.

3. Information entered by visitors:

3.1. The information that is provided to us through various forms on the website enables us to help our visitors, provide valuable information and contact them. At the same time, it helps us to improve the content of the site to suit the needs of our visitors.

3.2. Some of these forms require our visitors to provide us with personal information such as: name, e-mail, gender, age, etc. The information collected through these forms is used only to answer questions, contact visitors and improve user experience.

3.3. Under no circumstances, except via judicial subpoena, shall this information be presented or sold to a third party, whether advertisers, other sponsors, etc. It is possible to provide advertisers with summarized statistical information, in aggregate form, through which it is not possible to discover the identity of our visitors. No personally identifiable information will be given to a third party whatsoever, under any circumstances, including advertisers and sponsors.

4. External Links:

4.1. This site contains links to external sites. quranictreatmentbd.com is not responsible for the privacy policy of these sites or their content.

5. External Services:

5.1. This site uses services that offer tracking and statistical analysis of visitors provided by others sites, such as Google Analytics. quranictreatmentbd.com tries to choose the most secure and trustworthy services and pays attention to all necessary industry standards to guarantee the protection of personal information obtained from external services.

6. Protection of information:

6.1. quranictreatmentbd.com appreciates the importance of protecting the information we have and not losing it, and preventing any misuse or alteration of it. This is done by limiting access to this information as much as possible, whether in storage or during transmission.

7. Occasional messaging:

7.1. quranictreatmentbd.com sends occasional messages by e-mail containing information from quranictreatmentbd.com. By using this service, you confirm that you consent to receive these messages. You can unsubscribe at any time via the unsubscribe link in the message itself.

7.2. The website does not send unsolicited messages (spam), because it causes annoyance and is a waste of time.

8. Changes to Privacy Policy:

8.1. Please note that we review this Privacy Policy when necessary and may make some changes to it. In that case we will post an announcement and send a message to users, asking for their consent again.

9. Removing and modifying personal information:

9.1. You can contact us to remove information registered with us, by sending an email to gazimdtanjil@gmail.com

9.2. You can alter your information with us directly on your personal page.

10. Contact the website:

10.1. You can contact the admin of quranictreatmentbd.com by using the Feedback form.